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Providing clients with the best value for their money since established has made us one of the UK's leading and most respected firms in the construction industry. Headquartered in Haymarket, Piccadilly, the employee-owned companies serve clients through a network of offices across the UK and Europe.

Construction has become a leader in printer safety printermanagement within the construction industry. Through innovative management and a team approach, Construction has developed a diversified loss control programme which encompasses Corporate and Owner and Contractors Insurance Programmes.

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The workshop is equipped with a variety of woodworking machines including saws, planers, lathes, spindle moulders through to specialised machines for run material options.

Construction prides itself on providing astro turf work sites to all of its employees, with corporate safety directors and site-specific health and safety representatives. We consider environmental, health and safety the most significant performance factors to the success of the project.

Construction is committed to the philosophy of zero accidents and injuries. We believe all accidents and injuries are preventable.

We cover all aspects of civil engineering construction in a wide range of markets. Our core competency ranges from simple domestic fulham builders works to managing complex construction activities. Today we are helping to deliver facilities in a variety of ways that meet the needs of our clients.

At the workbenches skilled tradesmen turn out quality parts and construct components to client's exact requirements using traditional and modern methods. Large curved and moulded sections, specialist carving, windows, doors, ornate glazed screens, furniture and cabinet quality and ships joinery quality components can all be formed.

XB Clark have a machine tooling facility whereby any profile of a cutter can be formed. This is useful in the replication of mouldings to match original features in a building. Each hand made cutter block is stored in a secure library unit for future use.

These delivery methods include:

  • Assessment & Planning
  • Design and Architecture
  • Construction management
  • Programme management
  • General Contracting

Construction downturn accelerates
The latest Construction Trade Survey published by the Construction Products Association today shows a combination of falling demand and rising costs hit the construction industry hard during Q3, adding to the sense of pessimism over the future.

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  • In October 2003, nCRISP published their three-year Business Plan (2004 - 2006). This sets out ten priority issues under three themes and six sectors, identified as nCRISP priorities over the three year period. The inclusion of sectors (infrastructure, heritage, general building, etc) is to address the problem of 'construction' being treated as a single homogeneous industry or sector. more