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National Platform for the Built Environment is a UK based organisation first started in 2005.

Mission statement

  • increase the level of business-led research applicable to the built environment
  • create a powerful voice to enable the industry to establish a strategic research agenda and influence the regulatory environment.

By forging close links with the European Construction Technology Platform, NCRISP is looking to influence the ECā€™s research funding Accident Claims calls to ensure that the UK built environment industry successfully accesses available funding.

The National Platform will also influence and access national research funding. The National Platform has evolved from CRISP, nCRISP will build upon the principles and work of these groups.

Initially set up and sponsored by The Co-operative Bank, and inspired by the Bank's ecological and ethical principles, the NCBS has had strong links with the Co-operative movement since its inception.

Leading organisations operating within the UK.

The Centre has worked with key players to help bring about improvements in environmental management and performance across the movement - from the large Co-operatives in the financial services, travel and retail sectors, to the smaller Co-operatives operating in a range of areas.

The Co-operative movement

More recently, the Co-operative movement has been interested in looking at its social performance, and the WDS has been working to help develop social accounting and reporting systems of relevance to Co-operatives.

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Archive News

  • In October 2003, nCRISP published their three-year Business Plan (2004 - 2006). This sets out ten priority issues under three themes and six sectors, identified as nCRISP priorities over the three year period. The inclusion of sectors (infrastructure, heritage, general building, etc) is to address the problem of 'construction' being treated as a single homogeneous industry or sector. more